Monday, March 1, 2010

What I've learned about Germany (after week one)...

1. Meat. Germans love their meats. I'm fascinated with how many different variations of meats are available, which speaks highly of their creative abilities in the butcher house. No part of the animal goes to waste.

2. There is no real Mexican food here. Just Spanish food. Spanish food is not ever to be mistaken for Mexican food.

3. German people are quite friendly and helpful. The other day I was at the grocery and in order to get a shopping cart, you have to put a euro coin into a slot in order to release it from the chain. Like a moron, I was standing there trying to pull the chain apart like I was Superman. When I looked back I saw a line had formed behind me and the man next to me said something like, "Was ist das halten?!" and the way he said it sounded really mean, but then it occurred to me that everything Germans say sounds kind of mean, even when they're saying something nice. So when I asked the man, "Sprechen sie English?" I spat it out, pronouncing all of the syllables, making it sound more like a threat. Then he smiled and so did everyone else waiting in line, like, "awwww, he just spoke our language! We must HELP him!" So my new friends showed me how to put a euro in the slot and while I was shopping, I would see them on the other side of the store and I would giggle and shrug. Sigh, my new grocery store friends.

4. Everyone smokes (few exceptions).

5. Most grocery & liquor stores are closed Sundays. Plan accordingly.

6. The toilets are awesome (see previous posts).

7. All of the Menus are in German (go figure, right?) so if you happen to find yourself at a restaurant where no one speaks English, your dinner suddenly becomes a crap shoot.

8. Eyebrow shaping is popular amongst men and women. A lot of women even opt to wax their eyebrows completely off and will then create a new, hipper version with a pen. I learned quickly that when you suddenly happen to be standing right next to a woman on the street or in the store, DO NOT just assume they're going to have normal eyebrows and glance over. Don't do it.

9. The Pizza is AMAZING.

10. German people love their perfumes and colognes. I particularly noticed this as I was eating Chinese food last night and had difficulty smelling the food because everyone nearby had a different brand of Parfume on. Tomorrow I'm going out to buy my own cologne. I'm thinking Draakar Noir or Obsession for men?


  1. You truly have a great sense of humor! Seriously!

  2. Funny Patrick! I love your insights as you travel!!

  3. Thank you for the laughter! since I do eyebrows this was especially funny.